Dog Activation Ball Toy and Automatic Home Cleaning



This Activation Ball is the toy your dog is going to love! Interactive toys are one of the best you can give your furry friends, keeping them entertained for hours and keeping your home always clean.The ball rolls with random movement stimulating your dog's senses and holding their attention for hours on end.
Each ball is distributed with three plush hoods. This ''microfiber hop ball'' is one of the funniest in the recent trend for robotic vacuum cleaners. This might sound  bizarre but the sophisticated piece of technology - a colorful ''fur'' ball will roll around your home picking up dust and dirt. All you need to do is clean the furry cover and then let the ball do the rest!

Product Features:

  • A Weasel Ball is a battery operated motorized ball that darts around to and fro, all while a relentless weasel gives chase.
  • Watch the weasel desperately flip around, attempting to cling to the ball.
  • Stimulates your dog's nose and mind
  • Prevents boredom and loneliness when you're away
  • Prevents unwanted destructive behavior due to boredom or anxiousness
  • Helps aide your dogs growth and development
  • Automatic Home Cleaning - This microfiber ball will pick up dust and dirt around the house as it rolls around! 
  • Material: Synthetic Fabric